Development Builds

Nightly build installers are available for Linux and Mac OS. For instructions on compiling from source or setting up a DIALS development environment, see Installation for Developers.

We no longer provide Python 2.7 nightly installations. If you require a Python 2.7-compatible installation please use the stable releases linked above.

Mac installerLinux installerSource installer


Mac graphical binary installers

We provide a graphical package installer for Mac users. Download the Mac OS X installer and double click the .pkg file to start the graphical installer. Follow the instructions, which will install DIALS in the /Applications/ directory. To use DIALS, open a new terminal window and type, e.g.:

source /Applications/dials-dev20150903/

to setup the DIALS environment.

Mac and Linux binary installers

We provide binary tar.gz and tar.xz files for various Mac and Linux platforms, e.g. on Linux:

tar -xJf dials-linux-x86_64-conda3.tar.xz
cd dials-installer-dev

Or on Mac:

curl > dials-macosx.tar.gz
tar -xzf dials-macosx.tar.gz
cd dials-installer-dev

Then to install in the /usr/local directory (you may need to add a sudo before the command):


or to install in a specified directory:

./install --prefix=/path/to/installation/directory/

To use DIALS, open a new terminal window and type, e.g.:

source /path/to/installation/directory/dials-dev/